The Ohio State Fair closed on August 8, 2010.  Gourds were again exhibited in the DiSalle Building as part of the Creative Arts Competition, and OGS members provided gourd demonstrations as part of the “Artist-in-Residence” Program.  For 2010 there were 47 entries in competition, and the gourd classes filled two display cases.

As additional information becomes available for the 2011 Ohio State Fair, it will be added to this site.  Opportunities will again be available for competitive entries, for “Artist-in-Residence” volunteers, and for sponsorship donations.

Remember, the Ohio Gourd Society has its roots in the Ohio State Fair and our continued participation honors that long tradition.  The State Fair provides wide exposure for gourd art and supports the Ohio Gourd Society’s mandate to provide educational opportunities to the public.  For additional information visit the Ohio State Fair website or contact John Martin (937-446-2174).

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