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Shreve, Ohio
...a village unique in its natural surroundings ... and Amish traditions

Many Amish farms lie just south of Shreve off Wayne County/Holmes County Road 1. If you take a drive down one of these small narrow roads, keep in mind that you may suddenly come upon an Amish buggy. Keep your speed down when you pass one of these slow-moving buggies, keep far to the left as you go around. Don't tramp on the gas; go at a slow steady speed so that you don't spook the horse. Make sure that you have adequate space when you start your pass. Just don't be in a hurry when you journey through Amish country. Go slowly and soak in the beauty of it all.
     If you see any Amish near or on the roadside, give then a wave, nod and hello. They most likely will smile right back. Refrain from directly taking a photo of them, as their religious beliefs do not allow photos. You can take your camera to capture the country they live in. Enjoy your trip through their environs by having a little extra patience and respect for their way of life.