Diane Graebner's cross stitch patterns include the chart for the design, a list of suggested colors of floss to use with the chart, and a full color photo of the completed chart. Diane's charts are very user friendly and are enjoyed by hundreds of cross stitchers across the world! If you want to locate a pattern by title, here is an alphabetical listing.  Have fun stitching and creating a charming work of art to enjoy!

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Barnyard Friends

Skating Sisters

Hanging Around

Our Prayer

2014 Patterns

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Blueberry Pie Tonight

Barn Check
Playin'  With Kittens

Working On Line
Around the Campfire

Mom and the Kits II
Snowy Day

Autumn Fun
Flower Girls

At the Gate

Precious Pups
Christmas Delivery

Playin' in the Corn Patch
Tomboy Tricks

New for 2013:
Summer Arrangements
Sunny Day

Best Friends
Winter Arrangements
Also new for 2013 -- Cats & Quilts Series Cards:
These cards have the patterns printed on the back! Click card to enlarge.

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